9th gr. P.E.




You must do THREE things every month for this physical education course.


Actually do (and report on a log) physical activity that meets the Physical Education standards, such as: Playing an organized sport (such as soccer, softball, ice skating), taking lessons (such as gymnastics, karate...), certain professional activities (such as ballet), and planned activity that increases physical endurance or strength (such as regular running or weight lifting) can count as physical activity for this requirement. Things that DO NOT COUNT are walking the dog, playing pick-up baseball in a lot down the street, riding a bike or skateboarding for fun (unless it involves hours of hard aerobic exercise). NOTE: there must be at least 200 minutes of appropriate physical activity every week (about 3 1/2 hours), and the log must be verified (signed) by a parent, coach, or other responsible adult (signing the cover sheet suffices). If the adult signature is not on the cover sheet (or on the log pages), the log earns zero credit.

There are various types of logs available (see the top of this webpage); however, you may use any type of log that clearly shows what activity you did, what day you did it, and how long you spent doing it.

4-week Part 1 Physical Activity Log.
3-week Part 1 Physical Activity Log.
Weekly (One-Week-Per-Page) Part 1 Physical Activity Log.
Or, make your own list, typed, with each line showing the date, type of activity, and amount of time.

REMINDER: The log is only considered valid if a parent or teaching adult (such as a coach) signs the cover sheet verifying that the physical activity did indeed take place. Without that signature, Part 1 is a zero (F) grade, regardless of the amount or type of physical activity shown on the log.


Write an essay reflecting on how the physical activity in the first requirement has helped you improve physically. You can include difficulties you faced, things you plan to change...whatever makes sense---and will make sense to your teacher. This essay needs to be 150-200 words, but remember that the minimum (150) is only a C- grade. An A grade in any course means you have gone above and beyond the minimum, and done it well, so if you want to earn an A on the essay, write more than 200 words, and make it a quality essay--well-written with good information. THIS MUST BE TYPED.


Complete the monthly content assignment from the Glencoe Health textbook. THIS MUST BE TYPED.

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