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Senior graduation

grad senior

A senior leaps with anticipation of graduation!

grad kamila

Senior Graduation

grad sr more

At senior graduation, some of the staff pose on our "red carpet"

grad staff red carpet

5th and 8th grade Promotion Ceremony and Luncheon

promo 5 8

5th and 8th grade Promotion Ceremony and Luncheon

promo 5 8 more

Kindergarten Promotion

promo kinder

Kindergarten Promotion

promo kinder 2

The end-of-year Family Picnic

picnic with title

This art project took on a life of it's own, as one student started it and then other students joined in the creation.

art collaboration

At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, science students learn about conservation biology for California condors


History Co-op: MEA parents co-teach and make history FUN for grades K-3 in this extracurricular activity.

parent history

In preparation for the Heritage Festival, students make paper doll "look-a-likes" dressed in clothing of their ethnic heritage

erin heritage doll 1

At the Heritage Festival, Mrs. Becerra's students presented displays of their ethnic background to parents and younger students

erin heritage 1

Flash mob!

flash mob 2

Mr. Negus, physics teacher, starts volleyball at Mt. Everest to share his love of the game with students

norm volleyball 2

During lunch, a 7th grader practices violin for Honors Orchestra (with help from her friend playing the kazoo!)

cheyenne violin 2

Students in the Chess/Checkers club challenge Principal Browne to a game.

checkers ask Courtney

Mrs. Becerra's mother and her 2 friends brought in craft supplies to help students make Mother's Day cards (grade 3)

erin mother day card 3a

Making Mother's Day cards (grade 4)

erin mo day card gr4

Elementary recess

recess 4

Biology students pair up in teams to practice their biotechnology techniques

pipette more

Talent show

talent show 1

Talent show

Environmental Club students got together and put on an Earth Day Festival

earth day 1b

We got to pet and hold chickens at the Earth Day Festival!

Ms. Patterson's 5th graders studied monarch butterflies, and then released them into the MEA garden

butterfly patt

Mr. Antti's history students work together in teams to create presentations in Google Slides

history with steve

Speaking only in French, students present to their classmates what they like (j'aime) and what they don't like (je n'aime pas)

french pres 2

In the MathCounts Club, students work together to figure out details of math problems

math comp 3

Student art

Holocaust survivor speakers, Rose & Max Schindler, came to MEA to share their memories and message of hope

hol 2 0

Milkweed in the MEA garden attracts Monarch butterflies and caterpillars

butterfly cocoon 1

Elementary students take a tour of the local fire station

firestation crop

Making some "cool calculations," our MATHCOUNTS students are at UCSD for the San Diego MATHCOUNTS competition.

mathcounts compete 2

Mrs. Becerra's 4th graders design an investigation to determine Isopod's and beetle's preferred environments

erin%20bug dirt3

Juniors debate the author's meaning in English class

kris debate

These MEA students have joined the John Muir Archery team, practicing and competing together

archery 1

Parent Joey Carano presents his Blues n the Greens students who are presenting him!

blues green joey alter

The "wild things" in room 10 are learning about Dr. Seuss characters

flo thing 1-2

This experienceship at Qualcomm's Thinkabit Lab introduced students to Qualcomm's world of work and robocrafting.

qualcomm home this

For more pictures from the Qualcomm trip CLICK HERE

Building together at Qualcomm's Thinkabit Lab

qualcomm home page

The Mt. Everest Academic League vs. Point Loma High

acad league 1

Elementary students get an early morning workout at different P.E. exercise stations

elem pe 2

Secondary Awards Ceremony for 1st semester

awards CB 0

Secondary Awards Ceremony for 1st semester

awards view 2a

Some of our straight A students, honored at the awards ceremony


Taking care of the MEA garden

garden joy

Grades 3-6 explored tidepools at Cabrillo National Monument, learning about the variety of life in the rocky intertidal zones.

erin tide pool 2_0

Tidepools at Cabrillo National Monument

erin tide pool more

Students came up with plans on how to separate three dry substances; diatomaceous earth, sodium chloride, and gravel.

patterson exper

Come harvest swiss chard and herbs from the MEA garden!

ready for picking 2

Students created Valentine art with "crafty" facilitators Ms. Flo, Ms. Suzie, Ms. Vivian, and Ms. Gail

valentine craft 2016

Working in teams, Mrs. Finney's 1st graders brainstormed ideas, drafted blueprints, & built structurally sound tall towers.

rachel tower

The MEA Environmental Club invited students to take used paper and make new recycled paper.


Seniors "gather" with literary greats in AP English with Dr. Rodenberg.

kris literary greats

A collage of just a few of the amazing science fair displays!

science fair displays

First semester science fair projects

science fair 2

First semester science fair projects

science fair 4b

First semester science fair projects

science fair 4a

During Jam Sessions, Mr. Antti encourages students to jump right in, feel the rhythm, and make joyful music!

jam session

The MEA Environmental Club set up a scavenger hunt where students followed the clues for eco prizes.

scavenger hunt

It's recess time for elementary students

Elementary Library Time with Miss Vivian!

library time home page

How high can it go? Ms. Doerner's science students explore force, energy, and chemical reactions by building and launching rockets.

rockets sam

3rd graders learn about solid, liquid, and gas matter with Mrs. Becerra.

eric class_0

The kindergartener wearing pink is leading her classmates in the pledge of allegiance

flo flag

Elementary students make library cards with Miss Vivian in preparation for Elementary Library Time.

library time

All grade levels get a chance to help spread mulch in the MEA garden.

garden mulch jan 1

It's "joie de vivre" and standing room only in French class with Mrs. Jacobs!


The MEA Environmental Club hosted a lecture on conserving water, drought, and water pollution

megan water

Orchestra students make an "M" for Mt. Everest Academy with their bows.

orchestra students

A poster drawn by a 7th grader to advertise for new art club students.

art club come join

"Creative Color Wheel" assignment in Mrs. Flo's art class

art 1 color wheel

2nd graders present their personal narrative at Mrs. Finney's Publishing Party

rachel workshop 5

Exploring Computers with Mr. Antti

expl computer

Mrs. Pachon's biology students model meiosis with clay

trudy clay

Studying with friends between classes

study with friends

"The Snow Queen" directed by 11th grader, Adira Rosen

snow queen web after

"The Snow Queen"

snow queen web after 2

Principal Browne plays the role of Grandmother Astrid

sq web courtney

The 11th grade director, Adira, in action!

adira directing_1

High schoolers play a friendly game of flag football on the blacktop


An 11th grader teaches ballet moves to Ms. Patterson's 5th graders

ballet gwen

World History students experience early industrial working conditions.

bruce prod line 2

A few "crafty" staff members offered Winter Crafts to all grades. Fun, festive, and yummy!

winter art 1_0

The MEA Garden gets some festive decorations and new plants!

garden plant decor

HOUR OF CODE: Parent volunteers taught coding to elementary & secondary students. Principal Browne couldn't resist teaching a little too!

Hour of Code 1_0

Art projects from elementary, middle, and high school students in Ms. Flo's art classes.

art coll

AP Environmental Science Students take a bus tour of Miramar Landfill

landfill 2

Seniors had lunch and learned about Financial Aid for College with head counselor, Mr. Zappala

ron finl aid

Older students tutor younger students in the PALS Tutoring Center

Mrs. Flo's art class got new easels!

art easel 2

Mrs. Carbajal's pre-calculus students investigate transformations on exponential functions

pre cal 2

Zydeco music performed at a Lunch Concert by our talented musicians!

Taught by an MEA parent, students learn video game development using the award winning, web-based Gamestar Mechanic.

video game_1_0

"Opening Chess Moves" display created by a 2nd grader during Genius Hour.

Lily stock genius hour

Students vs. Staff in an Academic League Scrimmage!

acad staff stu

6th graders make a presentation to their class on Egyptian history.

6th gr present history_0

These 3rd graders collected donations of stuffed animals to give to the police for children that are involved in traumatic situations.

stuff animals_girls use

Fall Festival

FallFest 2015 1

Fall Festival

FallFest 2015 2

The Fall Festival Pie Throw - Principal Browne was brave enough to get pie-faced too!

a pie toss

The Mt. Everest Academy Fall Secondary Dance

dance fall 2015

The Book Fair comes to Mt. Everest Academy!

bookfair Fall 2015

The GirlUp Club says THANK YOU to Mt. Everest families for donating "pre-loved" clothing to help the Malala fund.


On the Woodbus, elementary students learn to saw, sand, drill, turn screws, and drive nails.


What causes wind? Ms. Patterson's 5th graders measure and record differences in how water and soil heat up and cool down.

what causes wind

AP Environmental Science students collect data in Tecolote Canyon

Elementary Art with Ms. Flo

art squares

Playing guitar with Mr. Antti on Tuesday afternoons


Studying microorgnisms in the Science Lab

microscope trud

Mrs. Finney's class uses balloons to learn about the principles of static electricity

balloon collage

All grades work together to build new raised garden beds.

build garden beds home

The MEA Environmental Club gives a presentation on "Meatless Mondays"

Meatless Mon 2

Elementary students go on a costume parade around campus

Elem costume parade

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