Q. Is MEA an online school?

  1. No, We are not an online school (although web searches may incorrectly state that). We are a blended program, meaning our curriculum is a blend of online work, bookwork, collaborative projects, and presentations. In-person attendance is required. The number of days depends on your student’s class/enrichment schedules. 

Q. Is MEA a charter/private school?

  1. No, MEA is a public school within the San Diego Unified School District.

Q. When does my child need to go to school?

  1. Depends on which class/enrichment program your student is taking. 

    1. One day a week for K-5

    2. 1-2 days a week for 6-8

    3. 2-3 days a week for 9-12

Q. Can my student come to campus for additional days?

  1. Yes, students may come to campus to attend extracurriculars, enrichment classes, tutoring, study in the library, etc. Please note K-5 students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when they are not actively participating in classes. 

Q. Can my child participate in any sports at other schools while he/she is enrolled in MEA? 

  1. Yes, it is possible to participate at his/her neighborhood school with approval, coordinated by the both schools’ counselors. California Interscholastic Federation

Q. Can I visit MEA to see the campus?

  1. We offer campus tours. Please click here to view our upcoming campus tours.

Q. Can I bring my child to the campus tour?

  1. Yes, we recommend bringing your child with you to make the important decision. 

Q. Is there a waiting list to enroll my child?

  1. Not currently. 

Q. Do I need to apply for choice enrollment?

  1. No, our enrollment process is different from traditional schools. Even if MEA is not your neighborhood school, you do not need to apply for Choice Enrollment. If you are interested in enrolling at Mt. Everest, please complete the application form found on our website.

Q. Can I enroll my child anytime?

  1. Please see our click here for more information about our enrollment/onboarding process.

Q. How long does it take to complete the enrollment process?

  1. Once your application is completed and received, it will be reviewed by the appropriate MEA staff. On approval, you will be contacted to arrange a virtual meeting with the counselor and/or principal. We are aiming to complete the process within two weeks. 

Q. My child goes to another school within SDUSD. Do I still need to provide all required documents to you?

  1. Yes, After your child is enrolled in MEA, we will request your child’s records be transferred to MEA, but we do not request it during the process of enrollment. 

Q. My child has an IEP. Do you accept students with IEPs?

  1. Yes. Please have your child’s current IEP team contact [email protected] PRIOR to filling out an application.

Q. Why do I need to submit all documents (IEP,  test results, etc.) before enrolling my child? 

  1. It is important for the enrollment committee to be able to review the information about your child to learn about him/her and ensure our school can meet your child’s needs. 

Q. Do you offer tutoring?

  1. Yes, we offer a variety of academic support services. For more information about academic support offered at Mt. Everest, please click here.

Q. Can my child be enrolled in another online school and MEA?

  1. No, students may only be enrolled in one school at a time per CA law.

Q. Can my child take a class at another school?

  1. Yes, it is possible in some circumstances. It must be a class that MEA does not offer and it must be approved by both schools’ administration.

Q. How many community college courses can a student take per semester?

  1. Up to two courses per semester. 

Q. How many courses taken from community colleges can be listed in a student’s transcript of Mt. Everest Academy?

  1. Up to 10 courses can be listed on their transcript. 

Q. How many classes as a minimum do I need to take classes to remain enrolled in Mt. Everest Academy?

  1. At least four classes need to be taken to be enrolled. 

Q. Can a prospective student come to campus and shadow a current student? 

  1. Unfortunately, district policy restricts us from having a student shadow due to an insurance issue. However, they may accompany you on a school tour. School tours are scheduled while classes will be in session, and your student will get a chance to see what they are like.

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